Who we are

The European BIM Summit is an international congress about Building Information Modelling (BIM) whose attendance-based version is held in Barcelona. Organised by the Col·legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d’Edificació de Barcelona (CAATEEB), BIM Academy and BuildingSMART Spanish Chapter, its aim is to disseminate good practice in the use of BIM, share work methodologies and promote international alignment in the building trade.

European BIM Summit



It brings together more than 8000 professionals, experts in all the building stages, from planning through to work execution, maintenance and renovation.

BIM Academy

It was born of the need to transform the professional profiles involved in the building trade in order to industrialise it and make it sustainable, with the help of training and dissemination programs and practical events.

BuildingSMART Spanish Chapter

A member of BuildingSMART International, it promotes efficacy in the building trade through interoperability based on the use of open standards in BIM to reduce costs, execution times and increase quality.



The European BIM Summit’s Strategic Committee is comprised of representatives of society and stakeholders from all the areas of the building trade.