European Building Summit 2023

Video EBS Day. BIM 4 developers and builders. Their fundamental role in the BIM process


The past European BIM Summit Day dealt with the “BIM for developers and builders. Their fundamental role in the BIM process” and was held on Tuesday, February 26, in the Assembly Hall of the Association of Promoters of Catalonia (APCE).

Productivity in the construction sector is reaching unsuspected levels. Paul Teicholz’s famous graphic already demostrated in a developed country like the United States the lack of productivity in a clear way: all productive sectors that are technified and industrialized increased their productivity in the last 50 years. The construction that is can’t do so, not only is not able to produce as it did 50 years ago but it produces less than 50 years ago. This means that we need more resources, more money, more time, more energy to do what we did 50 years ago.

The objective of this session was to analyze how BIM environments are managing to overcome obsolete dynamics in real estate development. And it has done it in a way that it is modifying the way of contracting with the IPD, the way to control the project in the shared cloud, even generating new start-ups that transgress the preformed ideas that we had about what is a real estate development in the 21st century.