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European BIM Summit
Renewed format!

Digitization has conquered all areas of society, and the construction sector must embrace a breakthrough that provides efficiency, productivity, cost optimization and meeting deadlines. More and more promoters are working with projects designed following the BIM methodology, and public administrations are adopting the three-dimensional digital model as the basis for their tenders.

After six editions encouraging the implementation of Building Information Modeling, the European BIM Summit takes a new leap. The summit that will take place at the World Trade Center in Barcelona will be a benchmark in the AECO sector in terms of the application of digital technologies for construction, industrialization and sustainability.

Construction 4.0

Construction 4.0 is the concept that will guide an event of global scope, which will be the generator of new knowledge. For this, it has the collaboration of world experts, who will offer never-before-seen presentations on the situation of BIM in the world and will participate in the three round tables that make up the axes of the event: the collaborative BIM Execution Plan (PEB), Industrialization of Construction, and the Digital Twin for the use of data in BIM models.

Each of them will discuss the collaborative documents developed by teams of internationally renowned professionals, who are already working on their drafting.

Attendance based and online format

The European BIM Summit will be held in a hybrid format: face-to-face and online, to consolidate itself as one of the most important BIM summits on the planet. Throughout the day, the contents will follow one another in an agile and dynamic way, divided into three interrelated blocks: BIM, Lean Construction and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).

Faithful to the collaborative spirit that gave rise to it, the seventh edition of the European BIM Summit is committed to participation and continuous interaction between congressmen, through the BIM App, with the aim of enriching the generation of knowledge. In addition, each attendee will get a copy of the three collaborative working documents.

BIM Beer

After the intense day of work, it is time to exchange impressions in a relaxed way, with good company and a beer in hand. BIM Beer is already a classic to say goodbye to the European BIM Summit with the best sensations.

On-Site Fair

The European BIM Summit will have a physical space for the sponsors of the congress, where, throughout the day, they will answer questions about their products and services related to digital construction technologies.

Three working documents

The face-to-face attendance to the European BIM Summit includes a copy of the three collaborative work documents that will be debated during the congress and the possibility of contributing to the contents: “The BIM Execution Plan”, “The industrialization of construction” and “The digital twin connected to the BIM environment”.

The collaborative BIM Execution Plan

The BIM Execution Plan is the basis of the entire process involved in a construction project. The creators of the BIM Execution Plan of the United States, of the considered Latin American PEB and a member of the Australian NATSPEC, the organization for the standardization of the construction in the antipodes, are responsible for drafting the collaborative document that will be debated in the first round table.

The Industrialization of Construction

Industrializing construction means making it more efficient and productive, simplifying processes, optimizing costs and avoiding delays. The authors of the report “Modernise or Die”, commissioned by the British government, and one of the representatives of the alliance between Toyota and Panasonic for the construction of equipped industrialized homes are working on the document that they will present at the second round table of the European BIM Summit.

The Digital Twin connected to the BIM environment

The Digital Twin is rapidly gaining ground in the AECO sector due to the facilities it provides for the management of built assets and its improvement of sustainable criteria. The young Building Digital Twin Association and the successful start-up WeWork, which thoroughly explores the possibilities of BIM as a key to its global coworking model, will collaborate on the document on the most advanced experiences and future work areas of the Digital Twin.