European Building Summit 2023

Positive appraisal of BIM Xp as a European BIM Summit online pre-event

On November 19 we have a date with the most important international online Congress about BIM. The European BIM Summit online or EBS+ will feature the participation of prestigious experts in digital building technologies from all over the world. We are now busy preparing an event that will be a turning point thanks to the approval of the three collaborative working documents that will be a reference point in the AECO sector. 

The positive experience of BIM Xp, the day featuring workshops on practical applications in Building Information Modelling held last October 15, bodes well for the success of an even bigger challenge. 

BIM Xp featured the participation of some 20 companies and organisations that presented case studies on the application of BIM and even offered hands-on sessions to the delegates, who numbered more than 600. We were also given a sneak preview of the three documents: Implementing the ISO 19650IFC in the building process and Towards a single CDE for IPD, around which the European BIM Summit online will revolve. 

We are happy to report that the balance of the event was positive for most of the participants. Some of the opinions of the speakers are shared below.  

Italsan gave a presentation on Two success stories in mechanical installations: BIM 360 collaborative work, and case modelling and sizing. “We rate our participation in the day dedicated to the workshops about BIM applications very positively, since it gave us the chance to hook up directly with potential clients to offer them solutions adapted to the difficulties they regularly encounter in the modelling and sizing of mechanical installation pipelines”. 

MDT Arquitectura, a consulting company specialising in BIM based in Uruguay, emphasised the extensive and positive feedback received thanks to their participation in BIM Xp with the talk on How to achieve greater profitability in your projects using BIM. The company’s CEO, María José de Tezanos, said that “it was a very enriching experience. Not only because we got the chance to tell people about our experience with BIM in Latin America and in the world, but also because we were able to gauge the implementation status of BIM with our Spanish colleagues”.  

One of the messages that she will be taking away from the exchange of impressions was that “people in the world truly want to digitise building, which is not only about implementing BIM. A great deal of work remains to be done in terms of providing training and skill-building for the stakeholders involved”. In this regard, she stressed that “it is important to be part of one of the world’s most important BIM events, i.e. BIM Xp and the European BIM Summit”. 

The appraisal made by the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, which showcased its BIM-related initiatives implemented in the course of the year, was equally positive. Their Commercial Director, Isabel Valle, highlighted the importance of adapting to the current circumstances, which have transformed the regular exchange of impressions promoted by the BIM Experience in the attendance-based European BIM Summit into an online event. “The objective of bringing professionals from the sector closer to the BIM methodology was accomplished, aided by the fact that access to the sessions was free”.  

BIM Xp made it possible to maintain one of the strong points of BIM Experience: “the possibility of offering attendees different presentation formats and topics that the different stakeholder groups involved in the practice, dissemination, training or development of BIM will find interesting and will commit to”. Regarding the participation of the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, “we are satisfied that we shared a space, albeit virtual, with other stakeholders like us who work to promote BIM, which must be regarded as a driving force for the digitisation of the sector, as well as having the possibility to publicise our BIM-related initiatives”. 

We close this brief recap with Hispalyt, which presented the PIM Hispalyt tool for ceramic solutions at BIM Xp. They were delighted at having shared their experience in the BIM environment, above all thanks to the interest shown by those who attended the talk. 

The workshop day ran from 9 am to 6 pm, with a total of 25 sessions of which the recordings are already available. 

BIM Xp was the appetizer for the European BIM Summit online, for which a 50% discount on the registration fee can still be had until November 8. 

We’ll see you there!


The European BIM Summit is possible thanks to the contribution of our sponsors: Roca, as Main sponsor; Finalcad, as Gold sponsor; Agència Catalana de l’Aigua, ATL, Bentley, CIAT, FGC, MUSAAT, PREMAAT, Graphisoft Archicad, SIMBIM Solutions, Ineco and Suez as Silver sponsors; Calaf Constructora, Copisa, and Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, as Pro sponsors; and Master Builders Solutions, as Sustainability sponsor. It has also the support and the collaboration of the Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat of the Generalitat de Catalunya.