European Building Summit 2023

Digital Twin is BIM’s present and future

The future of BIM will be about the real application of the Digital Twin in construction and in the energy renovation of buildings. This was the main conclusion of the EBS Day, an online conference that took place on September 28 and was organized by the Col·legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d’Edificació de Barcelona (CAATEEB) at the Roca Barcelona Gallery.

The importance of Digital Twin and the step by step from its conception to the development and subsequent application of the real world was the main topic of the event. In the words of Eduard Loscos, president of the Building Digital Twin Association, a Digital Twin “has to be the digital mock-up that evolves along with our assets and that we have to add all the relevant data flows for the life cycle of a building”.

Previous work is key to being efficient
The three speakers that took part in the event highlighted that a good performance of the Digital Twin is due to previously and efficiently agglutinate all the elements that are part it.

“A good Digital Twin has to be based on a well-worked database that allows collecting all the information necessary to execute dynamically,” explained Juan Espinosa, from IDP.

Eneritz Barreiro, from Tecnicalia, added: “A Digital Twin can be technically perfect, but it is useless if an ad hoc structure is not created beforehand for its efficient operation”.

All set for the European BIM Summit 2021
EBS Day was one of the many events prior to the celebration of the seventh edition of the European BIM Summit, which will take place at the World Trade Center in Barcelona on October 22 and will be held in a hybrid format.

“The EBS Day sessions give us small previews of what we will talk about at the European BIM Summit 2021. Both events are crucial in the sector, since they create environments to gather information from the social reality and put it up for debate to make the world a better place”, said Rafael Capdevila, Project Leader of the European BIM Summit and BIM Leader of CAATEEB.

The European BIM Summit is organized by the Col·legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d’Edificació de Barcelona (CAATEEB) and is possible thanks to the contribution of our sponsors: BIM Academy and buildingSMART Spain, as Content Partners; Roca, as Main Partner; Finalcad and MUSAAT, as Gold Partners; Agència Catalana de l’Aigua, ATL, Bentley, ASP Corredoria d’Assegurances, BIMTRAZER, CIAT, FGC, PREMAAT, SIMBIM Solutions, Graphisoft Archicad and Thinkproject, as Silver Partners; Calaf Constructora, Copisa, Bosch Pascual Construcciones and Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, as Pro Partners; Master Builders Solutions, as Sustainability Sponsor; and Arquitectes per l’arquitectura, Arquitectura y Empresa, Objetivo BIM, Nuevo Azulejo and Upclash as Media partners. It has also the support and the collaboration of the Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat of the Generalitat de Catalunya.