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Video of the European BIM Summit Day on Vision 360º on BIM and Lean Deploymentsorganized by CAATEEB on the 13th of February The CAATEEB organized a new European BIM Summit Day session on February 13 to find out how BIM and LEAN have been implemented in their daily processes from the viewpoint of the technicians involved in the process as well as in the promoters and builders In recent years, the entire construction, architecture and urban planning sector has undergone profound changes in the way of managing the works. The introduction of methodologies such as BIM and LEAN, although they are...
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EBS Day – BIM and the integrated projects’ direction

Video of EBS Day about The integrated management of projects and their involvement with the BIM organized by the Col.legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d’Edificació de Barcelona on December 12 In the last 25 years, the integrated project management (IPM) has been increasingly being implemented in our sector, facilitating the coordination between the property and the different agents. There are many services that under the IPM are offered at this time: Project Management, Construction Management, Project Monitoring, Due Diligences, Cost Management, Design Management, Risk Management, etc. but today we will focus on the relationship of Project Management, as the maximum exponent and as...
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EBS Day – BIM and the construction of sustainable buildings

Video of the European BIM Summit Day on the use of BIM in the construction of sustainable buildings organized by CAATEEB on November 24, 2016. – Presentation of the day to càrrec by Jordi Gosalves, president of CAATEEB – Com ajuda the BIM in the design of sustainable buildings? Group of treball BIM dins l’estratègia esBIM Bruno Sauer. Architect CEO of GBCe – Energy efficiency and sustainability in the BIM projectes. Salvador Bohigas Segarra. Arquitecte tècnic. Chief Executive Officer of Manteniment Sostenible Integral and BIMBarcelona – The tools to model sustainability and the BIM. Josep Solé Bonet. Arquitecte tècnic. European...
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EBS Day – Lean Construction and BIM

  Many automotive companies, recognized for their efficiency, take this philosophy created by Toyota (which has a division of housing construction in Japan) through reclassifying its activities among those that provide added value, those that do not contribute and those that they are underselling. They thus increase flexibility and adaptability in their supply chain.   Vídeo of the session organized by CATEEB on the 28th of October