BIM in infrastructure. FINBIM, The Finnish Way

11 Apr 2019
5:30 pm
Axa Auditorium

BIM in infrastructure. FINBIM, The Finnish Way

FM, Building Construction and Infrastructure: We will end the first day with three complimentary sessions that are designed following the last edition’s proposals and recommendations covering strategic sectors. That would be three different roundtables dedicated to case studies and innovations related to Facility and Asset Management, Infrastructure, and Building Construction.

Nordic countries have been forerunners for BIM in infrastructure and today we can call it business as usual. The mindset of Nordic people is more like “develop and execute” and when we are talking rather small countries regarding population it means that implementing digital ways of working is way faster than most other European countries.

The base for infraBIM has been on construction level and usage of machine control system for earth moving machinery. Norway has been the leading country with machine control machinery while in Finland we have been focused more on data management and how to use the same data in different phases of an infrastructure project. Base idea for infraBIM in Finland is open standards which are demands from project owners.

In 2010 we started infraFINBIM Research Program and in 2014 we released the results of this program, as common guidelines for infraBIM: 1. Common infraBIM Requirements, 2. Common Classification System and 3. Common Data Exchange. This “holy trinity” is base for all infraBIM actions in different phases and is the Finnish way of doing infraBIM -it is known as FINBIM.

I will present how we use these guidelines on real projects and what are the benefits of using open standards. Development of infraBIM is never an ending story and I will also present some challenges we are facing with new technology and digitalization.