Sergio Muñoz

Telecommunication Engineer, BIM Consultant at BIM + PARTNERS, Secretary BuildingSMART Spain

CEO and co-founder of the start-up Laurentia Technologies, and co-founding partner of bim + partners, where he develops BIM consulting services.

Sergio has led the BIM implementation process in Spain through buildingSMART Spain and collaborating with different public organizations.

He has written a large number of articles on the BIM methodology, and actively participates in different working groups and in the UNE-CT41-SC13 standardization committee, of which he is currently president.

He is co-author of different guides on BIM, such as the BIM Guide for Owners and Asset Managers, or the Guides developed by the Council of Technical Architecture or the College of Technical Engineers of Public Works.

In addition, he participates as a teacher in Masters on BIM.