Sebastián Manriquez

Subdirector Planbim CTD CORFO

Professional in the construction sector with experience in managing and coordinating highly complex projects through BIM methodology and software platform in the study, development and execution stages, in addition to the implementation of this methodology, both in private companies and institutions. public. He is currently part of the Planbim de Corfo team, in charge of the implementation of the BIM methodology in public institutions in the State of Chile; such as, the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), the Ministry of Housing (MINVU), the Administrative Corporation of the Judicial Power, among others; where he works as coordinator of these institutions, carrying out actions to standardize their processes, placing emphasis on the use of open standards for the transfer of information.

He has a high knowledge of international standards and protocols for the implementation of BIM, both in organizations and in construction projects.

This is in addition to the constant search for new information technologies for the construction area, and the use of interoperable IFC standards and formats as the basis for the BIM methodology.

Over the years, it has managed to generate strong alliances with different key players in the implementation of BIM worldwide. Being invited as an exhibitor in multiple events and chairs in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.