Masterly BIM Talks

4 xerrades magistrals BIM amb 4 keynote speakers de l’EBS

Masterly BIM Talks 


4 Masterful Speeches BIM with 4 keynote speakers from the EBS, a unique opportunity to learn directly from the BIM world experts


The European BIM Summit brings a new feature for this fifth edition. EBS19 has created four spaces to have direct contact with the best teachers of BIM, an occasion that has never been made available at a similar congress.

Are you interested in being one hour with who implemented BIM more than 20 years ago in Finland, the most advanced BIM country in Europe?

Or do you prefer to be with the person who directs the new Centre for Digital Built in the United Kingdom with a budget of 187 million pounds sterling to change the construction sector?

Or do you want to be with the visionary of a company such as SIEMENS, which, as a result of its agreement with Bentley Systems and Microsoft, has generated the concept of Digital Twin in cities?

Or will you choose to know how to measure in a practical way the BIM level of an organization?

Masterly BIM Talks have been created in the  5th edition of the EBS with the purpose of generating a very special space where you can interact in a very exclusive way with some of the most outstanding speakers of the summit. These are 4 exclusive sessions in masterclass closed-doors format, with 1 hour duration and for a very small audience, where you can interact personally with the speakers about their specialty and experience.

The four unique sessions will be held with ARTO KIVINIEMI, IOANNIS BRILAKIS, WOLFGANG HASS and CALVIN KAM.


11/04 11/04 11/04 12/04
10:50 12:15 15:00 11:30
Ioannis Brilakis Wolfgang Hass Calvin Kam Arto Kiviniemi


To have this personal access, it’s necessary that you have purchased the entrance to the EBS19, and you can only choose one of the four sessions, as well as speak fluent English to facilitate the dialogue.

To book a place you have to send an email to which will be attended by strict order of arrival.

Remember that only requests from people who have purchased the entry to the EBS2019 will be accepted.


Session IOANNIS BRILAKIS day 11 at 10:50h

Dr. Ioannis Brilakis is Laing O’Rourke Reader in construction engineering and director of the Information Technology Construction Laboratory at the Civil Engineering Division of the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

He completed his doctorate in civil engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. He then worked as Assistant Professor in the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2005-2008) and the GeorgiaTech Institute of Technology, Atlanta (2008-2012), and as Visiting Professor Associate of Computer Vision in the Department of Computational Sciences of the University of Stanford (2014).

Dr. Brilakis is author of more than 150 articles in journals and conference proceedings, is also an associate editor of ASCE Computation in Civil Engineering, ASCE Engineering and Construction Management, Elsevier Automation in Construction, and Elsevier Advanced Engineering Informatics Journals, and he is former President and founder of the TCCET Analysis and Detection Committee of the ASCE and the Building Management Subcommittee of TRB AFB10 (1).

This session is especially suitable for those interested in computing BIM, advanced users of BIM in the field of civil engineering, technicians belonging to research centres, construction technology institutions…


Session WOLFGANG HASS day 11 at 12:15h

Wolfgang Hass is a senior executive and visionary with more than 30 years of experience in management of innovation and development in a wide range of automation technologies that include energy efficiency and conservation, as well as hardware and software for a variety of different professional applications.

In his current role as Senior Program Manager BIM, Wolfgang Hass is guiding strategic global technological developments in the field of construction efficiency and sustainability.

Wolfgang, a highly respected and requested speaker on energy efficiency issues, earned his BS in Automation Technology from the University of Applied Sciences of Düsseldorf in Germany.

A session indicated for those who work on the use of BIM for Smart Cities applications, R & D experts, technicians linked to the industrial world, energy and sustainability consultants and specialists in automation processes.


Session CALVIN KAM  day 11 at 15:00h

Dr Calvin Kam (PhD, AIA, PE, LEED AP) is an associate professor at the well-known Integrated Facilities Engineering Center (CIFE) of Stanford University, where he specializes in the strategic innovation of control panels management, modelling of building information, virtual design and construction (VDC), sustainable development and evaluation of intelligent cities. In fact the mission of the CIFE is to be the first centre of academic research in the world for the design and the virtual construction in the sector of architecture, engineering and construction.

Dr. Kam is the founder of Strategic Building Innovation | bimSCORE: a “GPS navigator” for any company or project team that is drawing a roadmap to innovate in construction.

Calvin is Principal Expert of the National 3D-4D BIM Program of the GSA (US General Services Administration) Public Buildings Service; He is an international expert in BIM appointed by the Building Administration Authority of the Singapore government and the only international honorary director of the BIM National Union of China.

Dr. Kam is also a member of the AIA Research Group – the American Institute of Architects -, where he also served as National Co-President of the AIA Integrated Practice Center and National President of the Community of Knowledge AIA-TAP. Calvin received several scholarships from the AIA, ASCE, SOM, Stanford University, and the “20 under 40” awards from ENR. He has been the star of numerous opening speeches at international conferences, and has been the author of several book chapters, APEC official publications, magazine articles and academic papers.

This session is highly recommended for those who address the BIM from architecture, for those specialists involved in the use of BIIM by Facility Management, and those implementers who want to know methodologies to measure the degree of maturity of BIM uses within an organization. Ideal also for academics and researchers.


Session ARTO KIVINIEMI day 12 at 11:30h

Dr. Arto Kiviniemi,Honorary Member of Research and former Professor of Digital Architecture Design, is one of the leading global experts in Building Integrated Building Modelling (BIM) that has developed both in Finland and internationally since 1992. During the period 1997-2002, Dr. Kiviniemi leads the Finnish national R & D program that laid the foundations for positioning Finland as one of the first countries that adopted BIM.

In May 2010 he settled in the United Kingdom, first at the University of Salford, where he started the first BIM Master’s program in the United Kingdom. In September 2013 he moved to the University of Liverpool where he recently retired in September 2018.

At the international level, the main activities of Dr. Kiviniemi has been linked to the International Alliance for Interoperability, now known as buildingSMART International and was one of its founding members in 1996 and served as President of the International Council and Executive Committee in 1998-2000, Vice President in 2000 -2002 and president of the International Technical Management Committee during the years 2005-2007.

This session is indicated for BIM implant experts at the governmental level, academics, BIM holistic training consultants, and for those who are concerned about the interoperability of processes and tools.