Leonardo Mata Rojas

Director of International Diploma “Project Management with BIM” in the Agreement Colegio de Ingenieros – DataLaing

Born in Barcelona and living in ​​Edo Anzoátegui, Venezuela Civil Engineer, (UCV) with two specialties: Structures and Vías Magister Scientiarum in Civil Engineering at UCV. Specialization in Roads at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain.

He has been a teacher at several Venezuelan universities. Trainer of Engineers and Architects in the construction sector, especially in the area of ​​Costs, Inspection, Supervision and Construction Management.

Promoter of the implementation of BIM in Venezuela together with the company DataLaing Ingeniería C.A. and MaPreX Software teaching courses in that area.

Founder of the congress #HablemosBIM Venezuela and #HablemosBImLatAm Participation in an international event on the expansion of the Panama Canal.

Speaker and participant in various national and international courses and Congresses: Venezuela, United States, Mexico, Spain (BIM Summit 2019), France (BIM World 2019), England, Ecuador, Cuba and Panama. 8 years experience as Project Director in the former Ministry of Transportation MTC, leading the last National Project of Master Plans and modernization of national airports.

Director of DataLaing MaPreX software development for Planning and Control of Works, with thousands of users in Venezuela and several Latin American countries. Currently development manager of various software for the construction area.

Former member of the CT-3 committee of Venezuelan Standards COVENIN.

Proponent in 2019 of the 1st BIM standard in Venezuela and proponent of the first BEP plan project for Venezuela Former National Director of the College of Engineers of Venezuela.

Former Member of the Board of Directors of the Assembly of the College of Engineers of Venezuela.

Founding President of the Venezuelan Society of Civil Engineers Awarded with the Andrés Bello Order 1st Class “Teaching Merit” and American Integration Order Businessman dedicated to Consulting and Teaching in the area of ​​Construction Management and software.

Author of books on Construction Management and BIM, Construction Planning, Construction Inspection, Price Analysis, among others. Author of the BIM Dictionary, the first Spanish-speaking BIM dictionary CEO of the company DataLaing-MaPreX. Promoter of the BIM Training Agreement for Venezuela together with the National Board of Directors of the College of Engineers of Venezuela and the Assembly of the CIV Director of the BIM Training Program 2020, 2021, Notarized Agreement of the College of Engineers of Venezuela, UNITEC University and DataLaing.