Juan Rubio

Chemical engineer and BIM manager

Currently, he runs the Asset Management department of AQUATEC in Spain, a group company in SUEZ, which has a wide range of services and products related to the Water, City and Circular Economy sector.

Since he entered the Water sector, his career has been marked by technology, digital transformation, asset management and intelligence-based services. At the beginning, almost 10 years ago, his work was based on auditing the data available in the GIS of the supply networks, in order to detect errors and inconsistencies. Currently, he leads GIS surveying and digitization solutions, BIM modelling and consulting services, inspection services with aerial and underwater drones, as well as advanced asset management services, without neglecting the development of new products and services in this ambit.

Companies in the Water sector are currently facing the digital transformation of their business and its activities. Their activity is based on offering technological solutions that basically allow them to digitize their assets based on GIS and BIM and offer layers of intelligence that improve decision-making, all through digital platforms. The main objectives they pursue through digitization is the improvement of knowledge of the assets and of decision-making, in order to optimize the costs of the life cycle of the assets.