The next EBS edition will be held on the 28 & 29th March 2017

At the AXA Auditorium of the Illa Diagonal Illa Diagonal

The EBS 2018 will take place on the 8 & 9th of March 2018

The fourth edition of the European BIM Summit (EBS18) will be held on March 8 and 9, 2018 at the AXA Auditorium, located in the business and commercial center L’Ïlla Diagonal de Barcelona, ​​with the challenge of continuing to be the European benchmark event of the most advanced in BIM.


he 4th BIM European Summit will take place at L’Illa Diagonal de Barcelona


Provisional agenda (in English): programa ENG

The fourth edition of the EBS18 will bring together professionals from 12 countries with a renewed format and the incorporation of cases of very high level and complexity. It is to be emphasized the incorporation as an honorary advisor to Patrick MacLeamy, one of the most relevant personalities around the world in the field of BIM.

The business and commercial center L’Ïlla Diagonal in Barcelona, building called “the horizontal skyscraper”, was designed by the architect Rafael Moneo and town planner Manuel de Solà-Morales, with Máximo Cotelo as the construction director of the work and Albert Roca as it’s project manager. The promoters were the Sanahuja and Winterthur Group (today Axa).

The auditorium will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2018, which means it will then coincide with the reference event on Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Europe. In the previous edition of 2017, the summit gathered 64 speakers and occupied all the available places with 550 attendees. It is because of this reason, that the EBS18 has sought a new headquarter, with more space, and this time it can reach up to 600 seats.

The conference will count this year with a previous working day. Thus the three days of the conference have three distinct goals. On March 7th it will be open and public, in order to generate commercial opportunities and techniques in the area of the digitization of construction. This event will include an event aimed at future construction agents, vocational and university students that will shape the bulk of the professionals in the sector.


Present and future of BIM

Under the title BIM Present, he second day will be dedicated to the applications that are carried out today throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The latest advances and the impact of this new method of work based on the management of the information and the data generated during the life cycle of a building will be presented, from the project to the subsequent maintenance and rehabilitation. A system that has become indispensable to follow a process of design, constructive and operative controlled and oriented to the improvement of the quality, efficiency and efficiency, either in a building or in an infrastructure.

And the last day, with the motto BIM Future, will be dedicated to presenting papers by outstanding experts and pioneers of the BIM, who, as main speakers, will adress the new proposals offered by BIM. In addition, there will be international initiatives that have become economic phenomena for the services and products that they offer in our sector and that, without BIM, would not exist. To close the program, the evolution of robotics that is already applied using the digital data that a project provides will be presented.

The BIM summit as such is specifically aimed at prescribers, technicians and people in charge of both public and private administrations, such as properties, developers, architectural firms, building engineers, structures and installations builders, services consultants, suppliers of materials, manufacturers, project & construction managers, executives of work execution and facility managers, among others. They all make decisions every day about the process to follow and which will affect all the agents that intervene at the same time in this cycle and in fact mark the direction of the construction sector, now digitized, throughout Europe.


Axa Auditorium in the Illa Diagonal complex


The life cycle of a construction

The EBS18 will provide a multidisciplinary view starting from the composition itself of the organizing committee. A professional association such as CAATEEB, a consultant specializing in the implementation of BIM as BIM Academy, the representative of the environments opened by BIM such as buildingSMART Spanish Chapter, and with the support of a world leader such as the Roca company, who will be the main sponsor for the fourth consecutive year, will contribute to the holistic and global vision of the construction industry.

The fourth edition of this event will bring together professionals from 12 different countries and will develop a complete high level program to obtain, share and generate knowledge through presentations, case studies, networking and specialized workshops.

In this edition, EBS presents the incorporation of Patrick MacLeamy, president of the American firm Hok-Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum (a firm with 23 offices around the world and thanks to the incorporation of new technologies and more than 1,800 professionals have been credited as the largest and most important in the United States).

Patrick MacLeamy is the author of the famous Curve that bears his name, constantly used as a reference point in the BIM “secret”: to start the project with all the agents that will participate during the future life of a construction.


Patrick MacLeamy and the famous homonymous Curve that indicates the way to build a more economical global form


In the last two editions, EBS has invited a country to analyze the process and success of BIM’s adoption. On this occasion, EBS18 will analyze the set of German-speaking countries, which counts with buildingSMART groups in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, and a population of more than 100 million people.


Image of one of the multitudinous sessions of the EBS 17 in the framework of the Barcelona Building Construmat.


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