Ignasi Pérez Arnal

CEO at BIM Academy

CEO of BIM Academy, create with CAATEEB, the first international European event on BIM, the European BIM Summit in 2015, now in its sixth edition. For the last two years he has also led the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Rebuild 4.0 construction at its headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona. At the professional level he directs the first e-learning platform in the AECO sector, which is in a crowdfunding process.

He is director of the International Master’s Degree in Digital Technologies for Smart Sustainable Cities, BIM Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and of the Master’s Degree In Construction Project Manager, being a member of buildingSMART Spanish Chapter, esFAB and GUBIMCAT.

He has contributed and is the author of the White Paper for the Implementation of BIM in the Generalitat de Catalunya through the Build Future Commission of the ITeC-Institut Tecnològic de la Construcció de Catalunya, the Collaborative Work Guide, the BIM Dictionary #HablemosBIMVe, the Digital Twin White Paper for the SPHERE European Project, the BIM RoadMap for the North Government Macedonia, etc.

He collaborates with GeoBIM One Amsterdam (Holland) and China Prefab House, Modular Edifice, Mobile House & Space Fair -PMMHF 2020 in Guangzhou (China) where is Global Advisor and at the same time is member of the Board Committee of the IBIMA-India BIM Association (Bangalore, India).