Cristina Niculescu

Managing Director thinkproject Iberia

Cristina is passionate about digital technologies and the opportunities they offer to transform the way construction projects are delivered. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, she holds a MSc in Energy and Environmental Sciences from Cranfield University, UK and an MBA from IE Business School, Spain.

She has 18 years’ experience in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) sector implementing digital solutions meant to solve business issues construction professionals face every day and helping companies innovate through technology and digitalization of operations. She has focused on project collaboration, information management, CDEs (Common Data Environment), and has had the opportunity to see first-hand and influence how companies embrace digital transformation. Since projects have started to incorporate BIM, creating a secure single source of truth for projects whilst promoting open data-sharing standards and digital processes, as well as collaboration among all project stakeholders, have become her first priority.