A day and a half

It takes place in February 2015, on 12th and 13th, for you as the executive of your organization, on the Thursday and Friday so that you can make the most of spending the weekend in one of the world’s leading cities.

First-hand experience and practical debates

Full sessions of talks, workshops, visits, new services and new companies all based on BIM, with 3 top-level speakers per session, paradigm case studies and workshops about applications (contractors, software…).The presentations will be in english and spanish simultaneous translation will be available.


► First-hand knowledge.  The speakers chosen are all benchmark professionals in their field.
► Hands-on. Precise tools for redirecting your practice-office-firm-administration and your production models.
► Hybridization between disciplines. Aimed at professionals, experts, developers, lawyers, research, civil servants.
► A smart city needs smart buildings that are constructed efficiently. New smart building engineers, industry, maintenance officers, project and site managers, institutions that stamp, certify and assist, property firms—everyone is invited.

If content is essential at a congress, connections are of prime importance.

► AEEBC, RICS, EFIC… are strategic institutions that are partners in the “globalization” of BIM and its value as a motor for the sector.
The aim of the European Bim Summit is to host attendees from every European country in all the sectors involved in the building life cycle.
► The BIM software and product industry, manufacturers and producers.
► Balance between specialities, disciplines and environments.
► A technical-commercial meeting point: tools and products that help to introduce and develop BIM.

And if content is essential and connections are of prime importance, relations are vital for improvement.

► Constant opportunities for exchange in the form of meetings, experiential workshops, exploiting technical drinks receptions and breaks for directed activities.
► Matchmaking between the three vertexes of BIM—the worlds of academia-university, research, public and professional institutions, producers and users—using interactive badges.
► Associations, managers, consultants, professionals… All looking for and discovering the same issues using a highly specific approach. Just what a decision-maker needs.