After practicing as a Chartered Architect in the UK for 20 years, David joined the Architecture Team at Northumbria University to teach and continue his research into housing typologies and their technological design and complete his PhD in Digital Praxis in the Academic Studio. This focuses on the changing pedagogic landscape in architectural academia, in how to explore the creative stages of design in the learning. He joined academia after working as Lead Architect for IKEA BoKlok in Sweden AB and BoKlok UK. He was responsible for the Award Winning Housing System used by BoKlok across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and now Europe.
His commercial development and research in housing expands his international design work with IKEA, BoKlok and Skanska and develops new mechanisms for constructional design that allow for increased affordability and flexibility in format of spaces and use of the dwellings. He has developed two further housing systems via commercial links with Northumbria University for ‘LIFE House’ and ‘Chameleon House’ the later was considered for and won inclusion into the RIBA British Architectural Library in 2013.
David’s academic research focuses on digital praxis and increasing transition from analogue to digital means of design abstraction in architectural studio learning in UK Schools of Architecture. This research has led to over 30 publications including International Journal for 3D Information Modelling in 2012. Recent publications also include an International Journal Publication (IJ3DIM) on ‘Mass Customisation of Housing using BIM’, developing an algorithmic approach to design of affordable housing typologies, published in 2014. This has led to current research in housing and mass customisation with Masa Noguchi to be published in 2016.

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