Alberto Armisen Alberto Armisén Fernández-Trojaola

Heritage BIM Consultor. CEO ControlBIM. CEO and Founder PetroBIM. Superior Technician in Industrial Electronics. Systems Electronics. Strategic Direction. Competitive strategy. Formulation, Implementation and Management Control Systems. PSDC. Master Program for the Development of Construction Executives. Commercial Management in Construction Companies. Diploma in Higher Marketing. Specialty Corporate Marketing. Customer Management. Master INDAE. INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Special mentions: OVIEDO UNIVERSITY. Faculty of Geology. Department of Petrophysics. International Research Projects “Rock Matrix Diffusion as a Mechanism for radionuclide retardation”. FICYT. Promotion for Scientific and Technological Research. In the international research project “Conservation of Granitix Rocks and Application to the Megalithic Monuments”


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