Roca and the ‘European BIM Summit’ fly together

Precursor to adapt to this model, the company is already adapting its products for inclusion in the BIM catalog

The Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a new model of collaborative work that is revolutionizing the way we conceive of new building projects and intervention in existing buildings


Roca, brand of quality and guaranteed products for bathroom space, sponsors the first ‘European BIM Summit 2015‘, to be held in Barcelona on 12 and 13 February to disseminate and promote the introduction in Europe of this new management model building process.

The conference, organized by the Col•legi d’Aparelladors, i Enginyers d’Arquitectes Técnics Edificació of Barcelona (CAATEEB) and BIM Academy will bring together the most relevant construction professionals in a international and multidisciplinar summit.
Roca, who is adapting their products for include them in a BIM catalog becomes a multinational pioneer in Spain to bet on this new way of working and one of the first worldwide.

“Roca, in its constant commitment to innovate and facilitate professionals’s work, is using all the resources at its disposal to anticipate change and adapt to this new model because it is the future of construction planning “explains Xavier Torras, Corporate Brand Communication Manager.

This new way of managing the construction process not only involve all actors in the building cycle from the beginning of the process, it reverts into benefits for the end user to enable professionals meet deadlines without additional unforeseen costs and delays. Therefore, BIM is growing at a rapid rate and there are countries such as Finland, Denmark, Holland or England where is being implemented solidly in the construction sector.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Signature sponsorship agreement with Xavier Torras, director of corporate communication brand Roca (right) and Joan Ignasi Soldevilla, CEO of CAATEEB (left).
about Roca
Roca is a company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bathroom faucets, bathtubs, shower enclosures, shower trays, accessories and ceramic flooring and coatings.
Roca was founded in 1917 and is characterized by quality, warranty and breadth of product range in the field of bathroom.
The company has 76 production centers, is present in more than 135 countries and employs more than 20.600 people.