New European BIM Summit Day (24/11) – The BIM in the construction of sustainable buildings

On 24 November we organize a new European Bim Summit Day to learn about the experiences and the most practical applications in the use of BIM technology for sustainable building.

The BIM refers to a technology that affects the entire life cycle of a building, from the design stage to deconstruction, and all the exploitation and occupation phase, assuming a new way of working, grouping in one digital model all the information relating to the building, from the project planning and budgeting, through to the 3D rendering and all other aspects to be taken into account as are the environmental factors.

We have to keep in mind that working in BIM improves the information exchange among all actors involved in the life cycle of the building and therefore the BIM allows benchmarking and decision making in choosing the product with a behavior with less environmental impact, life-cycle assessment of the building, modeling to determine the score and grade that can be achieved in different environmental certificates of the building -Bream, LEED, GREEN, DGNB, HQE-, analysis of energy performance, more efficient energy management, use and maintenance of the building, deconstruction and waste management, etc ….




Presentation 12:00 p.m. How the BIM helps in the design of sustainable buildings. BIM working group within the esBIM strategy
Bruno Sauer. Architect. CEO GBCe

12.30 h Energy efficiency and sustainability in BIM projects
Salvador Bohigas Segarra. Technical architect. Chief Executive Officer of Integral and Sustainable Maintenance BIMBarcelona

13:00 The tools for modeling sustainability and BIM
Josep Solé Bonet. Technical architect. European Sustainibility & Technical Manager at URSA

13h30 Colloquium and open questions and answers round