New EBS Day – Virtual reality and survey by photogrammetry and point-clouds in the building sector: capturing reality

On the 18 of May the CAATEEB organizes a new European BIM Summit Day about BIM technology applied to the survey by photogrammetry or point-clouds.


The BIM and  new technologies have entered strongly in the construction sector, facilitating the technicians works that until now consumed a substantial part of labour days while doing realizing a facade survey for a rehabilitation, the plan survey of an interior of a house or commercial premises or just to perform or check a stakeout.

The different speakers of the session that we present will show us several technological improvements that should serve to rationalize our time on site or in visits for data takes to them. Some of the points that can help us improve and that will be discussed during the session are the collection of data and surveys prior to the interventions, virtual workstations, implementation and control of measurements in situ, access to information on the premises and real time, list of virtual reviews, etc.



12:00 h Presentation and opening of the day

12.05 h Virtual reality and augmented reality applied to construction. Smart Site-Work 4.0.

Iván Gómez Rodriguez, Technical Architect and CEO of VT-LAB.COM.

12.35 h Building of buildings by point clouds. Point cloud processing software.

Alberto Gómez Platero, Area Manager at Leica Geosystems.

13:05 h From point clouds to three-dimensional models in Revit. Photogrammetry.

Juan Jose Blasco Giménez, Architect and professor of the School of Art and Superior of Disseny of Valencia.

13:35 h Colloquium and open turn of words

2:00 p.m. End of the Day