New EBS Day: application of BIM to the driving force of construction in Restoration and Rehabilitation


The application of BIM in the motor of construction: Restoration and Rehabilitation

Roca Barcelona Gallery, Carer de Joan Güell, 211-213- 08028 Barcelona
20 April 2017



Generally, it seems to be understood that BIM processes are only focused on the new work. While Rehabilitation and Restoration have a very important percentage of the production of construction activity in Europe, in Spain these aspects have been showing and  maintaining a steady increase since the crisis.

This session will show through two examples how BIM solves the differential fact of working not from scratch, but from an existing reality and how go deeper into it to generate a project and a work and help to its management.

BIM is already being used to manage changes in buildings that are accommodating new technologies – such as hotels, hospitals, office buildings … – and now already there are important and interesting examples on how to undertake projects and re-constructions in buildings that are in fact architectural and civil heritage.

When we talk about BIM, we talk about building twice, the first time virtually and the second in reality, in the same work. When we talk about BIM in Renovation, we must add a zero phase, that of re-building the existing one.

In the two presentations we will be able to experience first-hand how the implementation of BIM has been used in a small-scale work in the province of Barcelona and at the same time we will see how it is applied in one of the cathedrals of greater historical load that exists in the world, Il Duomo di Milano.

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12:30 a.m. Welcome – Xavier Torras, Roca

12.35h Presentation of the Day – Jordi Gosalves, CAATEEB

12.40h BIM intervention in the Casa de la Vall (Mura) – Pep Coll, technical architect, EIPM CEO and co-director of CAATEEB’s BIM Manager Postgraduate Course

13:00 h Scanning Il Duomo di Milano (in English) – Stefano Della Torre, civil engineer and architect, consultant of the CARIPLO Foundation and professor of the Politecnico di Milano, coordinator of the Laboratorio Sperimentale BEST-Building Environment Science & Technology

13.40 h Closing discussionand open turn of interventions

14:00 h End of the Day