First European BIM Summit prizes will be awarded during the EBS 2017

logobim2The EU BIM Task Group and the EC win the European BIM Summit Award in its first edition

organizThe members of the EU BIM Task Group

The Organizing Committee of the European BIM Summit in 2017 has agreed to award the EBS prize in its first edition to the EU BIM Task Group, the European-wide team that aims to coordinate the efforts made by the various countries to make them converge on an common approach that allows to develop a competitive digital construction industry worldwide.

In the recognition of this distinction  to the European working group, the Committee has praised in particular its initiative and its pioneering work in the orderly and harmonized development and implementation of BIM  in Europe as a tool to improve competitiveness in the construction sector, as well as increase the efficiency of the life cycle of projects.

Manual for the introduction of BIM

The vision of the EU BIM Task Group is to promote the common use of BIM, understood as “digital building” in public works with the common goal of improving the value and improve the sustainable competitiveness of the construction  industry.

The Group aims to develop a manual that establishes a working basis for common public promoters, those who promote the introduction of BIM in public works. The manual will include technical contract conditions and cultural considerations, facilitating the development of the skills necessary for managers of public organizations.

In this first edition, the EU BIM Task Group will share the award with the General Directorate of the Internal Market, Industry, Empowerment and SMEs of the European Commission. In this case, the Committee has valued favorably the promotion of the collaborative of the different agents involved, while supporting small and medium enterprises, helped by the use 3D modeling technologies in an environment of transparency, to optimize the use of public, private and natural resources.

The award will be presented during the closing session of the European BIM Summit, the meeting of reference on BIM in Europe, to be held in Barcelona on 25 and 26 May this year in the framework of the International Barcelona Building Construction Construmat. The awards will take place on May 26 at 13.00 by Meritxell Borràs, Counsellor of Interior, Public Administration and Housing of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

During the event, the latest and most innovative experiences of the new working method will be presented, based on the management information generated during the lifecycle of a building, from the moment its projected to its operation and maintenance, and that has become indispensable for a constructive process aimed at improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness in any project, building work and civil engineering.

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