Elisenda Serrano Martorell

BIM Manager at Italsan

Elisenda Serrano Martorell

BIM Manager at Italsan


Technical Telecommunications Engineer. She has focused her professional career as BIM Manager in the company Italsan, focusing on the hydrosanitary and mechanical installations, in which she offers consulting services at the client’s area and imparting BIM MEP meetings in various organizations. She is also a member of group 3.8 and member of group 5.2 created by Fomento, whose main mission is the implementation of BIM in Spain.


The BIM Commission, constituted by the Ministry of Public Works, designates Elisenda Serrano, Technical Engineer of the company Italsan, Manager of the Subgroup of Work 3.8 “Information Management”

The BIM Commission proceeded to appoint the people in charge and members of the different subgroups that will help boost the implementation of BIM in the Spanish construction industry.

The initiative es.BIM, promoted by the Ministry of Development, is a group open to all the agents involved (administrations, engineering, construction companies, universities, professionals …) whose main mission is the implementation of BIM in Spain.

Among these appointments is Elisenda Serrano, who has been designated by the Commission as Correspondent of working group 3.8 “Information Management”. In addition to this appointment, Ms. Serrano is also a member of subgroup 5.2. “BIM in Latin America”.

The objectives of Sub-Working Group 3.8 “Information Management” are:

Analyze and establish the process of incorporation of the information to the BIM model in the different phases of the life cycle of a building or infrastructure, recommend the content and minimum level of quality of the BIM objects and libraries of objects in its different phases.

“The product manufacturers of the AEC sector (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) have the duty to create models according to reality. The challenge posed by our subgroup is that the product families contain the necessary information for each phase of the project, from the project to the maintenance thereof, “says Elisenda Serrano, BIM Manager Italsan.

As it indicates is. BIM, the BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology is assuming a real technological revolution for the production and management chain of buildings and infrastructures. Most importantly, BIM has the potential to allow the information contained in the model to be transformed into formats usable by infrastructure operators allowing both exploitation and maintenance to be carried out efficiently.

For more information on the initiative is. BIM can visit the website www.esbim.es