11-12 / 04 / 2019

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Day 1
08 Mar 2018
Day 2
09 Mar 2018
Day 3
11 Apr 2019
8:00 am

Check-in and Welcome Coffee

9:30 am

BIM Present

Ferran Falcó
Patrick MacLeamy
10:40 am

Coffee Network

11:20 am

Strategies for the Whole Building Sector in German Speaking Countries

Joaquín Díaz
Birgitta Schock
Thomas Vandenbergh
1:30 pm

BIM Industry Sector Networking Lunch

3:10 pm


4:30 pm

Coffee Network

Ben Morris
5:10 pm

Infrastructure – BIM4INFRASTRUCTURES Values for planning, constructing and managing projects

6:20 pm

Operation & Maintenance – BIM4O&M, FM and Smart contracts for efficient Real Estate

8:55 am

BIM Future – Digital Built

9:50 am

BIM Future – The place of BIM in the Digital Transformation of AEC sector

David Vauthrin
Ignasi Pérez Arnal
10:40 am

Coffee Network

Cristina Palmero Martín
11:30 am

BIM Future –  Robotics , Virtual reality and Offsite Manufacture

Sergio Muñoz

Conclusions and closing

Ignasi Pérez Arnal
Sergio Muñoz
Jordi Gosalves
8:00 am

Check In and Welcome Coffee

BIM Present • March 8

Dedicated to the strategies and direct applications that are being carried out in Europe and in the rest of the world, presenting the latest advances and the great impact of this new method of work based on collaborative processes, digital models in three dimensions and the management of the information and the data generated from the beginning of the planning and conceptualization of a building or an infrastructure to its maintenance and subsequent operation. This methodology has become indispensable to achieve direct savings on the one hand and control of the management of the other transforming the construction sector into a sector aimed at improving the quality and obtaining efficiency in any type of projects .

The EBS18 Summit begins with an overview of the BIM in Europe and in Spain, since this is an indispensable information for professionals from the 27 + 1 countries of the EU. Knowing the terms where BIM will be obligatory for each of the States and know how it will affect the approval of the new Contract Law in each country is essential.

The intervention of Patrick MacLeamy will continue, presenting what the collaborative process means, because of the birth of buildingSMART and its journey for 20 years.

Next, there will be a complete immersion in a session that, as a panoramic way, will explain the progress achieved in the countries invited this year, the 6 German-speaking countries of Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein) with Six topics: adoption policies, the importance of standards, how BIM affects the construction phase, the creation of the Luxembourg guide – which has become a reference model -, its impact on industry and the products needed to build (which are transformed now into what is known by BIM elements) and, finally, how to work from a research center in the BIM relationship with ICT-Information and Communication Technologies to operate buildings and digital infrastructures.

In the afternoon, the three areas where BIM is involved – construction, infrastructure and maintenance – from different experiences: in Asia, presenting one of the examples that breaks the number of views in YouTube, with a 15-story building It is built in 15 days; Deep infrastructures and the transfer of BIM to the real estate process.

  • BIM For Building, the digital construction to build off-site / BIMBUILDING, digital build for offsite buildings
  • BIM For Infrastructures, the network necessary to build networks / BIM4INFRASTRUCTURES, the necessary network to build Networks
  • BIM For the Operation and Maintenance, of intelligent real estate contracts efficient /
    BIM4O & M, from Smart contracts to efficient Real Estate

BIM Future • March 9

With the participation of professional gurus of the BIM who, as Keynote speakers, will enter into the new applications offered by BIM. We will present ourselves as the BIM and its new processes are generating new international start-ups that have become business phenomena for services and products that they offer in the construction sector and that without the BIM would not exist.

The opening of this second day is planned with the creator of a paradigmatic software in the world of BIM, then move on to a presentation of how BIM is generating this convulsion in the investment sector putting new terms on the table Like ConsTech and PropTech, the new niches of financial investment in construction and the real estate sector. The last session will be dedicated to the most advanced in the sector of digital construction. And for the first time we will see robots in the European BIM Summit. It will present the evolution of robotics that is applied using the same digital data that a project provides.

The BIM European Summit will close with the delivery of the European BIM Summit Awards, the only awards that recognize those that have been fundamental to the dissemination and adoption of BIM everywhere.