EBS Session Day of debate on the conclusions of the European BIM Summit 2016

An EBS Day session to discuss the conclusions of the Barcelona Summit BIM 2016.was held on Wednesday 22 June at the Roca Barcelona Gallery. The day began with a speech by the President of the Building Smart Spanish Chapter, Sergio Muñoz, who spoke on the evolution of BIM in Europe, and the president of CAATEEB, Jordi Gosalves that focused his address on the conference organized last February.

During his dissertation, the president of the Building Smart Spanish Chapter, highlighted the fact that in the course of time BIM has become more than a technology evolving into a cooperation between people and processes. This brings new requirements, such as allowing standardization to facilitate the exchange of information between all actors involved in the development of projects through protocols such as IFC and BIM Implementation Plan.

As for the President of CAATEEB, he referred to the paper regarding his institution in the use and dissemination of BIM. In this sense, we must remember that, in the course of the closing ceremony of the Barcelona Summit BIM, he announced the opening of a new advisory line for its members, designed to support the implementation of BIM technology in professional offices.

Gosalves welcomed the establishment by the Government of Catalonia of an interdepartmental commission aimed at progressively deploying BIM in public works that are made in the region. And he referred to the need for a proper modern university education to confront successfully the transition to new methodologies that a construction market that is just beginning to emerge after years of crisis requires. These new programs should be generalized to technical schools and be extended to the field of vocational training with the co-operation of the professional associations.

The session continued with an interesting discussion moderated by the director of content at the European Summit in 2016 and Managing Partner of the BIM Academy, Ignasi Pérez Arnal, meeting which dealt with the ability of BIM methodology to provide more quality to building projects. The participants were architect Miquel Garcia, associate member of Capella Garcia Arquitectura; Maria Mestres, partner of Mestres Wâge Architects, and David Garcia, member of BIS Structures.

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