CATEEB organizes a new European BIM Summit Day session on new BIM technologies applied to safety and health in construction works

The February 9th session will give a quick overview of how BIM and new technologies can change the current conception of safety and health in our environment, and provide security coordination professionals and other agents involved new means to improve the prevention of accidents on site.

The session will begin with the presentation of IDP Ingeniería y Arquitectura Iberia, a company to which the Secretaría de Estado de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación del Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad has entrusted the leadership of a project to improve Security in the construction works through the use of new technological advances, such as BIM technology.

University of Zaragoza studies will be presented in the second paper, in which digital tools have been used to reconstruct real or fictitious construction accidents, in order to predict and implement the necessary means for the elimination of risk. They will also give us a look on how other technological tools can improve safety and prevention.

The next presentations will be on practical cases of computer tools applied to security and prevention tasks at national level and in the State of New York.


16.00h. Session keynote – M. Ángeles Sánchez and Pi. CAATEEB Vice-President and Member of Security and Health

16.00h. Project “BIM for Safety”. The computerized control of safety and health in construction sites – Eduard Loscos, R+D Project Manager of IDP Group, Medio Ambiente y Arquitectura

16.25h. The digitization of occupational accidents. Reconstruction and prevention with digital media – Carmelo López Gómez. Lecturer Area of ​​Graphic Expression in Engineering. School of Engineering and Architecture University of Zaragoza

16.50h. The realization of the Study and Security Plan with SkethUp. Practical example – Julio Calle Cabrero. Director of Iscar Architecture Software

17.15h. The “3D site safety well” of the state of New York. The Health and Safety Plan in Revit and Navisworks – Ilse Verly. Autodesk BIM Solutions Expert

17.40h. Colloquium and open speech

18.00h. End of the seminar

During the day, the team of Barcelona Building Construmat will present the 2017 edition




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