CAATEEB organizes a new EBS Day on BIM and the Facility Manager

The Col•legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d’Edificació de Barcelona (CAATEEB) organizes a new European BIM Summit Day on how new BIM technologies affect the work of the Facility Manager.

BIM and its methodologies have impacted strongly in the sector, and how could it be otherwise, the work of the Facility Manager in building process has been transformed.

The session to br held on the 2nd of March will will analyze the changes that the Facility Manager has to deal with as a result of the spread of BIM. Not only the changes that have occurred in relation to buildings will be assessed, but also how the implementation of BIM has influenced the relations with his clients, how he has had to adapt to his new career the tools and computer applications with which BIM facilitates his daily work, how he has had to evolve his ways thinking and to face daily incidents…

Finally,  a case study of implementing BIM on a large Catalan university will be presented, and the manegment of day to day building methods and BIM systems that it implies shall be explained.



 12.00h. Presentation and opening of the conference
Josep Linares Salido. CAATEEB Board member
 12.05h. Know How of the BIM Facility Manager
Teresa Casellas Ramón, Technical Architect and Facility Management at Manteniment Sostenible Integral
 12.30h. Common instruments and applications Facility Manager
Jordi Montfort Castillo, Technical Engineer and Director of Facility Management Consulting at Test JG.
 12.55h. BIM and the Facility Manager: synergies in asset, areas and occupation management. A practical example
Chema Diez Hernández. Technical Architect and Industrial Organizat Enguneer. Infrastructures Director of the UIC of Barcelona
 13.20h. When the Facility Manager found BIM
Pilar Cuesta, Technical Architect and Facility Management Evangelist. West Area delegate and Project Director at TBK
 13.45h. Open dialogue and Q & A
 14.00h. End of the session
Duraing the meeting, the Barcelona Building Construmat yeam will present the 2017 edition


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