The European BIM Summit is an annual international conference on Building Information Modeling (BIM) held in Barcelona, ​​organized by the Col·legi d’Aparelladors, arquitectes tècnics i enginyers d’edificació de Barcelona (CAATEEB), BIM Academy and BuildingSMART Spanish Chapter, with the common objective of spreading good practices in the use of BIM, as well as the sharing of BIM methodologies and international alignment



An organization that gathers over 8,000 construction professionals, with expertise in all the phases involved in the building life cycle, from planning to site work, subsequent maintenance and rehabilitation, thus bringing value to the phases of planning, design and construction, as well as quality and economic control over the construction process.

BIM Academy®

An organization that arises from the need to transform the existing professional profiles involved in the construction sector in order to make it sustainable and to industrialize it. This need prompted WITS Institute to create the BIM division, whose mission is to help disseminate and implement this process through training, experiential events and informative programs.

BuildingSMART Spanish Chapter

A non-profit association, which is part of BuildingSMART International, whose main objective is to promote efficiency in the construction sector through interoperability based on the use of open standards for BIM (Building Information Modeling) to achieve new levels of cost reduction and executiontimes and increased quality.


Together, the three of them are now working to improve the training and knowledge in this field, in person and online (with AreaBS), of all kinds of professionals and experts nationwide, representing almost 55,000 associates. The relevance of this new across-the-board model of organizing the construction process for the sector, both in Europe and worldwide, together with the environmental need to adopt the good practices already in place in other countries, makes it essential that international experts in the field help us reflect on the challenges it represents for the industry and its professionals. With a current outdated model, it is key to work on identifying opportunities and improvements in efficiency and transparency.

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