Academic Collaborators

Academic Collaborators

The organization of the European BIM Summit, in order to incorporate all the universities that are dedicated to the training in BIM in Europe so that they can enrich with their contributions the already complete program of EBS 2017, has created a consultation group called Academic Collaborators.

The group of collaborators is open to the participation of any organism, entity or institution that has as one of its main tasks the introduction of advanced processes of modeling and management of projects and works in its training programs.

Expert Academic Contributors

The objective of the collaborating academic experts is to provide the organization with their knowledge of the best experiences, projects, programs, publications and research carried out in Europe to strengthen, if possible, the robust program of presentations.

The group is also requested to facilitate and stimulate, within the framework of the EBS, the exchange of knowledge between the academic world, expert speakers and those attending the event, sharing the progress made in each university center.

Finally, it will promote the greatest impact possible of the event, informing in their spheres of influence, students and partners, of its celebration, for which they will appear in all the information as Academic Collaborators of the meeting.

• José Vázquez. University of A Coruña
• Norena Martín. University of La Laguna
• Óscar Liébana Carrasco. University of Madrid
• María Rosario Chaza Chimeno. Sevilla University
• Eloi Coloma Picó. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Collaborating Academic Entities

The objective of the collaborating academic entities is to give the greatest possible impact to the event, informing in their sphere of influence, students and associates, of its celebration, for which they will appear in all the information as Academic Collaborators of the project.

• University of  Technology Bratislava
• University of A Coruña
• University of La Laguna
• Universidad Europea de Madrid
• Sevilla University
• National Technical University of Athens
• Istanbul Technical University
• Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
• University College London
• University of Cyprus
•  Technical University of Munich, BIM Professional team
• Center of Building Information Modeling Technologies (CBIMT) – Vilniaus Gediminas Technical University Lithuania
• University of Salerno Italy
• Coventry University
• University of Belgrade
• University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
• Oslo and Akershus University of Applied Sciences
• Polytechnic University of Turin
• Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
• University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy of Bulgaria
• Aalto University BIM Initiative
• Vrije Universiteit Brussel
• Tallinn University of Applied Sciences
• Oxford Brookes University
• Hong Kong University of Technology and Science
• University of Zagreb
• EIVP Engineering School of Paris City